Wednesday, 14 April 2010

The Cabin

One of my favourite places to visit is the hunting cabin north of Tobin Lake. Not a large fan of mosquitoes and black flies, I prefer going in the winter. When I tell others that I`m going on our winter holiday, everyone assumes it is a trip south. While the warmer places can be fun, too, there is nothing quite like getting toasty warm in front of the wood burning stove, snowmobiling or snow-shoeing through the forest.

This year when we travelled north, I saw more wildlife then ever before. White tail deers, rabbits, and deer mice were plentiful. There were especially lots of blue jays and gray jays.
The gray jays, also known as whiskey jacks, are the bosses of the bird feeder. No blue jays are allowed until the whiskey jacks have puffed out with lots of food.
My mom and dad keep the birds supplied with the seed filled centres of the sunflowers they grow in their garden, when we are there.Another favourite of the birds, is leftover pancakes and sausages from breakfasts cooked by dad.
I think the cabin is my dad’s most favourite place in the world. Tucked into the woods, we have to hike/snowmobile/snow shoe about 6 miles through the trees. No electricity and no running water are then norm, which also means there are no cell phones, no computers, no TV, nothing to distract you. It is a complete escape.
The cabin was originally a log home, the birthplace of one of the hunters. They took the house a part log by log, numbered them and transported them to the camp. Then they rebuilt the cabin. Since it was hand hewn, there were no nails to pull when they dismantled it. Putting it back to gether would be kind of like a LEGO lover’s dream!!!

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