Saturday, 24 April 2010

Prince Edward Island

When I was 8 years old my parents loaded my sisters and I into our school bus, that had been converted into a camper and took us on an epic journey of 40 days and 39 nights. My sisters and I each had $10 for spending money and we were off on our big adventure.
Our trip took us from Saskatchewan to Prince Edward Island. Places my 8 year old memory remembers visiting are Kakabeka Falls, the Sudbury nickle factory (or whatever it is called, I'll look it up for a future post) and cobble stoned streets in Quebec city. It was in Quebec city that my sisters were moved to fits of giggles as a waitress tied a bib on our dad when we sat down to a meal of spaghetti.
I also remember Magnetic Hill, New Brunswick, where our bus was magically drawn up the hill, without my dad pressing the gas pedal. We drove through clouds on the Cape Breton trail (very exciting to an 8 year old). We also feasted on lobster in a town hall in a Nova Scotian community and visited lighthouses. Peggy's Cove was also amazing.
Then there was Prince Edward Island. We visited Anne of Green Gable's house. We toured Charlottetown and we marvelled over the red earth that grew beautiful potatoes.
One day, during our travels, my mom cooked a roast, wrapped in layers and layers of tin foil and placed on the engine manifold while we drove during the day.
I also remember sitting in a folding chair, beside my dad as he drove, or leaning over the edge of the bench of the kitchen table, and placing my head beside my dad's and singing to the radio. One song has drifted off to obscurity, but had some sort of line about a motorcycle mama. And...I just found it: "Motorcyle Mama" by the Sailcats. (I know, I've never heard of them either) There's another with the same title, by Neil Young and a couple more by other artists, (who knew it was such a popular title) but this is the one! Lyrics and music. I'm going to have to show my dad how to bring that song up and see if he remembers it! Ok, so these memories have definitely made me smile...finding the lyrics, well now I'm humming the silly song...and remembering a happy time in my childhood. (If you listen to it...well remember I was 8 when I fell in love with it...don't know if I understood it all, but it is a great travelling song, with lyrics that are easy to learn. The best kind of song for me, at any time!)
Maybe I'll write more about our trip another time....haven't talked about our way home, relatives visited, or what I bought with my $10...and still had change left over!
Thanks, mom and dad....

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