Thursday, 13 May 2010


"There is no problem so bad that complaining can't make it worse..."
Now there's something to think about!
It's a good kick in the pants kind of statement. How many times do I catch myself complaining about something? It is something I actively work against. It is also something that I really find the need to be mindful about.
Some years ago when I found myself in a very negative place I began to notice that every time I opened my mouth it was to complain. I'm sure everyone else was sick of it well before I recognized the problem. But, one day that's exactly what happened. I saw it as a problem that I didn't want to continue. At first I countered it by creating a bit of a game. For every negative statement that I allowed myself to speak, I challenged myself to find at least two positive things to say.
Sometimes it is really hard to do this, and since I'm my own referee, I know I've cheated a number of times, but that's how I started. As I continue I am more and more conscious of my words and thoughts so that I can challenge myself to find those positives.
I do agree with those who say that we are all energetic beings and that like attracts like. I think that there is power in positive thinking and that there is the power of attraction. If I want more positive things happening in my life and I think along those lines I am more able to see the positive that is out there. Frankly, I think we see what we are looking for. I can look for the good, or I can look for the bad. My choice is to consciously look for the good.
This week I listened to John Izzo speak about caring and compassion, about working to make other's lives better. The quote I began this post with was said by him.
 I'll end this post with another quote he also shared, this one from Tom Peters "Celebrate what you want to see more of!" 
So my choice? I'll choose positive and celebrate it!

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