Sunday, 30 May 2010

Energizers and Drainers

Balance in life is always important.
One thing it's good to do is to take stock of those things and people who energize us, and those things and people who drain us.

John Izzo suggests that we maximize the energizers and consider dumping, delegating, or minimizing the drainers.

A simple exercise is to create a T graph. I can't make a T graph on this blog, but this is the basic idea:     

Energizers                                    Drainers         
positive attitudes                            negative attitudes
willingness to help                          complaining

There are, of course others, for both lists. This means two things for me. One is that I sometimes participate in draining behaviours. I drain myself, and obviously I am draining others. I want to practice more energizing behaviours. The second thing is that I want to work more at surrounding myself with more people who practice energizing behaviours.

By doing this, I would be able to strive for more balance, and more positivity in my work and life. I think it would be a good practice for me to engage in.

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