Saturday, 22 May 2010


My mom is a very interesting person. We're currently on a trip in New York city. She's the kind of person who can talk about bible study on the subway, and then switch to a story about a movie she's seen in the next breath. She is widely read, super intelligent, and always learning and growing.
When I was a kid, we often disagreed, about a number of things. We are both quite opinionated, and sometimes about different things. Disagreeing, when I was a teen was difficult. Was I doing it out of disrespect? Who knows? In any case, now we listen to each other, better. In fact, I think I could still learn a lot about listening better from my mom!
I guess the one unique and truly wonderful gift I've received from my mom is to recognize and appreciate that we are all works in progress. We all have the capacity to continue to learn and to grow, to become who we are by learning from our experiences. And, to accept who we are, rather than step into that negative self-talk zone that sucks us in and spits out, worse than we were... Instead she requires me to be positive about who I am, and to rethink how I see myself. When I do reframe, I am always better for it.
One thing, though. She still cuts our heads off when she takes our pictures.... 

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