Thursday, 13 May 2010


I've been having some really bad headaches for a number of months and the doctors are now saying they are migraines. I've had migraines before, but never for this long.
In the past, I've had the light shows. I generally get a purple or green spot in my right eye. My migraines have always included light and noise sensitivity. Sometimes my stomach has joined the party, but not always. (thank goodness) I can get irritable and am likely irritating. The headaches often make me tired, but also wake me up in the middle of the night...the list goes on.
These recent migraines have felt like a constant brain freeze, or ice cream headache that is either on the verge of coming on, or drifing off, or full blown. They make me dizzy, frustrated, sad, and annoyed. Sometimes I wonder if I am going insane.
I wish that I knew why I was getting such bad headaches...
As I've said, I've had migraines for years, so I've known about triggers, but I'm checking on triggers again since these new migraines are absolutely incredibly ridiculous.
Common triggers:

  • Tension Headaches - those can sometimes be a problem
  • Barometric Pressure changes - can't control that
  • Strong scents - don't wear them, don't have them in our house, stay away from them
  • Tight ponytails - rarely wear ponytails, don't like tight ones
  • Strenuous exercise - ok, so now I'm laughing....can't even walk fast without getting dizzy, hard to exercise even moderately...
  • Poor posture - that's something I work at, very conscious of at my desk, when I'm tired it's harder, but will keep trying
  • Cheese - lactose intolerant
  • Red wine - learned it gave me headaches a long time ago
  • Cold cuts, processed meats - don't eat them
  • Skipping meals - are you kidding me...have you seen my love handles...not a problem these days
  • Smoking - nope
  • Caffeine - nope, not even caffinated tea...
  • MSG - my tummy hates that stuff
  • Aspartame - nope, poison for the brain
  • Chocolate - ok, so that is one of my vices, but I don't have it daily and not lots
It's tough to know what is causing these headaches. The few triggers that are actually in my life have never caused headaches before. So, I will work on eliminating those few triggers. BUT, I think that chocolate is going to be the last thing eliminated...

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