Sunday, 16 May 2010


When I was quite young I began journalling. My youthful journals were full of daily anecdotes that tell the story of my day.
"Today was boring." or "Today I had homework" or "Today I got a letter from my grandma" You know, the kind of thing that could give me lots of content for my memoirs...or not! :)

When I hit my teens, there was lots of angst. So and so was mean, so and so never talked to me, I liked so and so. There were pages and pages about the loss of my first dog, pages and pages about friends not liking me. Pages and pages about thinking I was ugly, unloveable, etc. There were also pages and pages about teenage traumas and confusion. As a young adult I was pretty self-possessed, but at a certain point I questioned my worth and value. My journals represented some tough points in my life. So, in the end I burned my journals, to get rid of that evidence...
Oh to know then what I know now. I would have kept those journals. They represented the good and the bad, yes, but I needed to have those experiences to be the woman I am today.

The other thing those journals did, was to keep me balanced. Even if they were mundane. They were an outlet and and opportunity to reflect. I wrote in them daily. In many ways they were my way to quiet my mind, essentially, my form of meditation.

I think that this is the reason I am really enjoying blogging. It is much like journalling. However, I always have the potential of an audience. It keeps me in balance. I quiet my mind and reflect on things that matter to me, but I also stay away from the teenage angst thing! If I have something that troubling, it belongs somewhere else!

I recently found this really interesting post on another blog. It was yet one more crafting blog, but it was about journalling. The blogger posted the following videos about fabric journaling. Essentially, the woman (Teesha Moore) who uses this technique journals by expressing herself through fabric. Her fabric journals have a place for you to write, draw, or even paint, but some of her journals are pages of fabric. They are really interesting. I hope to try this sometime. It's a really interesting concept. Check them out! I like the idea of journaling, whatever blog, in fabric, on paper, because it is a good creative outlet that brings balance.

I've attached the first of four Teesha Moore videos below. Click on her name (below) if you want to link to the other three.

fabric journal 1 of 4 from teesha moore on Vimeo.

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