Sunday, 30 May 2010


When we were little, I had to try everything that was served at the dinner table. The things I didn't like were liver and brussel sprouts. I'm still not a big fan. Another thing I didn't like was turnips. I remember having dinner at my in-laws for the first time. My mother-in-law dished up, placing a huge spoonful of mashed turnips on my plate.
Using the method adopted when I was a little girl, I quickly ate the turnips. I always ate the food I didn't like first, so that I could enjoy the food I really liked. As a consumate hostess, my mother-in-law noticed that my turnips had quickly disappeared. She jumped up and scooped another large spoonful on to my plate.
My husband hid his laughter behind his napkin as I swallowed more mouthfuls of turnips so that I could enjoy the rest of my dinner.
I try to follow that practice in my personal life, get rid of the stuff I don't like, first. Sometimes it works, but lots of times I put the stuff I don't want to do off.
A few months ago I found this video from Simple Truths: Eat That Frog It's about procrastinating. It applies that simple theory I used to use, and actually still do when it comes to eating that food I don't like too much. Luckily, I like most things.
Enjoy, Eat That Frog.

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