Sunday, 23 May 2010

Saturday Night: Amazing food at Oceana, and Denzel Washington in Fences in New York. What a combination!

An amazing Saturday night!

We started out with an early supper at Oceana, a restaurant at the bottom of the Rockefeller Plaza. The food and service was outstanding. Our waiter was absolutely hillarious, friendly, and because it was a more expensive place, he was also very low key.

At dinner, there were complimentary amuse bouche served first. An idiomatic expression in French. Literally translated amusing the mouth. Perhaps a better translation tantalizing the tastebuds. The soup was served in a little glass, like a shot glass that sat on a thinly sliced cucumber so it wouldn't slide and a thin wafer of a cracker sat on top of the glass. Inside, was a cool pureed asparagus soup with a drop of lobster oil. It was very good. Our main courses were served with our choice of sauces. One of my sisters had a blood orange hollindaise sauce, for instance. I had wild shrimp with a side of asparagus. I had a sauce of tomatillo, but didn't really need it.

At one point in the restaurant I needed to use the washroom. When I asked a busboy for directions he walked me there, since it was at the far end of the restaurant. He said it was a mile in "that" direction and pointed. Then we walked through a maze of tables, the wine bar, etc. Waiters were walking all over the place and every time I stopped to let them by, they said "Oh no, after you." no matter how quickly they were going.

On the way back from the restroom I was a bit lost for a second and there was our waiter. I laughed and said, just looking for our table. He walked me back and then made a big show of having found me wandering around. Got the girls in my family laughing. (The restaurant is more than 1,200 square feet...and we were probably as far from the washroom as we could possibly have been) Our bill was served with little homemade lemon basil and chocolate candies.

THEN, if that wasn't enough the excitement officially began.

We went to  Fences. This play has a 13 week run and features Denzel Washington. We sat in the first row of the top balcony, and could see the set and actors just fine. As we waited in line to enter the theatre, Eddie Murphy entered the theater. We never did locate him in the building. (that shouldn't have been an impossibility, as the theatre is very small)

The play is listed as a comedy, but it also has some serious overtones. It is quite the story. There was a lot of audience reaction to this story, from laughter to clapping when Denzel's character, Troy was given a talking to by his wife, played by Viola Davis.
When we left the theatre we turned toward 7th Ave. for our hotel and walked right into the crowd of people waiting for the actors to leave the theatre. We didn't have our cameras, but we did see almost of all of the actors leave, most especially....Denzel Washington. It was an amazing night of theatre.

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