Saturday, 22 May 2010


We ate a light supper at a tiny Italian restaurant last night. It was in the basement of a building along W. 49th St. just off of Times Square in New York. Our supper was light, because we were off to see Catherine Zeta Jones and Angela Lansbury in "A Little Night Music." (Which I will write about on the Life is a Highway page)
What I want to talk about is the food, as this is a post about tomatoes. I had a tomato salad. It was so yummy. The tomatoes were fresh and perfectly ripe, none were over ripe. I think they used nice round tomatoes about the size of a baseball, or smaller, they didn't have much pulp. In fact, I believe these tomatoes had been skinned, and then the seeds had been removed, as well as any white parts. They were then cut into big chunks (1") and tossed in a bit of olive oil, raw garlic slices, some salt and pepper, and maybe a tiny bit of oregano. They were served in a big dish, with a sprig of mint on top. Normally, I would think you would share such a dish amongst two to four people. However, I ate the whole thing. It was so good. It wasn't too acidic, instead it was just right. I couldn't get over how yummy it was. The garlic was raw, so I didn't end up eating it, but otherwise, it was terrific. It would be a good dish to make at home, and I think you could add cucumer, or diced onion, (cooked or raw) and the onion could be green, red or yellow...lots of ways to do this dish. Simple but yummy. Very light for a meal before going to the theater, and I think it probably had a low caloric content, too!
Wish I had a picture of the actual salad! 

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