Sunday, 20 June 2010

Billy Elliot in New York

Billy Elliot, the Musical, is based on the 2000 film Billy Elliot. The music is by Sir Elton John, and book and lyrics are by Lee Hall (who wrote the film's screenplay). The musical revolves around motherless Billy, who trades boxing gloves for ballet shoes.
When in New York, we had the good fortune to see the musical, Billy Elliot. Billy Elliot began its Broadway run in November of 2008 with three main actors playing the lead role who rotated throughout the week. After its debut, the play won a number of Tonys including best musical and best actor awards for its three actors. (picture on right) The play also won a Tony for director of a musical, book of a musical and choreography.

Billy Elliot currently has five Billys who play the lead. When we saw it, Jacob Clemente played Billy, who at 12 years old he is the youngest to play the role. The energy that he used in that play was phenomenal. That he is one of their newest cast members and perhaps not as tried and tested as their more veteran Billy is unbelievable. Frankly, he was outstanding.

If you've never seen the movie or the play, there's no way to do it justice with a short video. I searched online for something to put on to this post and couldn't find the right one. There wasn't a video of Jacob Clemente. I hope that the one I posted will give a glimpse. I guess that the important thing to remember is that the boy dancing is only 12 or 13 years old. 
The athleticism of the entire cast, particularly the dancers was phenomenal. Jacob, especially, as he was on the stage for virtually the entire show, but there were also a few other dancers. It was really a remarkable performance.
My youngest sister purchased our tickets and we sat in one of the largest theatres we had experienced on Broadway. There was an actual lobby, but it was still small compared to the lobbies we are used to. Our seats were great and as I have already mentioned, the show was wonderful. 
We had a wonderful time...On Broadway!

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