Saturday, 5 June 2010

Bouley, New York: The Experience

If you watched the video on the previous post, you got a little glimpse of the restaurant. However beautiful the restaurant is, the food is even more unbelievable. On the evening we were there, all diners were treated to an elegant dish to cleanse the pallet. 
This dish consisted of  buffalo mozzarella, (buffalo mozzarella is made from domestic water buffalo) a layer of tomato granita, and a small scoop of (if I remember correctly) celery sorbet. The tomato granita and celery sorbet were refreshing and tasty. I sampled the mozzeralla and it was also light and delicate. I didn't know then that it was made from water buffalo, not dairy, and since I have milk issues, I didn't eat all of it.

We also recieved the signature Bouley bread, with sliced apple baked into the crust. This is a picture I found on the internet. It also shows the china and silver that were at our place settings.

At the suggestion of our cousin and her husband we chose the tasting menu. We simply informed them of my milk intolerance and we were good to go.

Chef, David Bouley served an incredible selection of courses from his menu. All more equisite than the last. I'll tell you a bit about it. It wasn't really a place to take pictures. It was a place to enjoy, to savour, and to chat with our company. However, it is fun to illustrate my posts, so I will have a few pictures. They just won't be from our wonderful meal.

I should mention that each course was paired with an incredible wine. As we completed each course, our plates were cleared away discretely. New silver was placed in front of us, new wine glasses replaced the previous ones. The wine was poured and its origins were given. After each new course was placed before us, it was described and explained.

Our courses, in no particular order...simply because I do not remember the exact order were divine. We had fresh asparagus served on foamed cheese. Mine were presented on a light lemony confection. We ate razor clams from Nantucket that sat in a light herbed ocean broth.

Another course was foie gras with cherries and an apple and rosemary purée. We ate sliced duckling nestled on almond foam. Rock lobster was served in a red wine reduction. One of my favourite courses was dungeness crab in a truffle broth. It was served in a copper dish. The copper dish with a lid that was rectangular and held about two cups. It sat on a classic white plate.

When each of our plates were in front of us, the lids on the copper dishes were removed all at once and the course was announced. The crab was cooked to perfection. It was sweet and tender. The broth was delicious. Frankly all of the courses were amazing, but that was one of my absolute favourites! The picture, here, is one I found on the internet. It looks a lot like what we had, but no paper doily under our copper pot.

Some more courses: we also had a medallion of venison that sat on chanterelle mushrooms and cantaloupe and white truffle gnocchis in a red wine reduction; there was another course that had heart of palm purée, I really need to remember what else we ate with it! One other course I recall was sea urchin on gelatin served over a creme fraiche foam, mine was lemony.

We also had another course to cleanse our pallets at the end of the meal. This was a rhubarb soup topped with tomato granita and an olive oil sorbet. My sorbet was "10 fruit explosion." Everyone at the table said that the olive oil sorbet was incredible, it had milk, so I didn't try it. My 10 fruit explosion was very tropical in taste and delicious.

The desert course was also paired with wine. There were three or four desert plates brought out. One was a pineapple carpaccio topped with a scoop of the 10 fruit explosion sorbet. Another was called chocolate frivolous. There were also plates with a selection of maple sorbet, chocolate sorbet, and a carmelized pear.

When the coffee was brought out, there was a tray with even more treats to choose from. It was a spectacular evening and that's just the food experience. We also had a wonderful time getting to know our cousin and her husband. It was a once in a lifetime eating extravaganza, but hopefully we will see our cousin and her husband on many occassions in the future.

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