Sunday, 27 June 2010


While the province of Saskatchewan can have weather that is characterized by extremes, due to its position at the centre of the continent and its high latitude, we have never really had quite the weather experiences of the last two least not in my lifetime. Generally we are known to be hot and dry in the summer. In fact, many places in Saskatchewan have considerably more than 2,000 hours of bright sunshine each year far more than you can find in the warmer southern states of the U.S.
The past two months, however, have seen more rain than ever before. Most farmers haven't been able to seed their crops and now it is too late in the season for them to do so. Average rain fall in the province is 10 - 24"/yr. Thus far we have had 6" within a 2 month period. The Trans Canada highway received 6 - 7" within one day, washing out a complete section.
While I wrote my post title in fun, it is actually a very serious situation. Besides the inconvenience of the mosquitoes, mud, and overgrown weeds, for those of us who live in the city; farmers are without an income. There are also many families in towns, cities, as well as on farms who have had their homes and belongings lost and damaged in the flooding. There are areas in Saskatchewan and Alberta that have been declared as states of emergency. Along with the loss of their possessions they face difficulty accessing medical care, food, electricity, and other basic essentials. It isn't the horrors of Katrina, but it is still a difficult time for the people who are going through this current situation.
This is a video of some of the flooding in Saskatchewan and Alberta. It's affected a lot of people and truly gives a sense of the scope of the flooding and the damage its caused.

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