Sunday, 20 June 2010

Lee Child

I've found a suspense author, Lee Child that I'm really enjoying. He's written 14 books thus far and his main character, Jack Reacher is an Military Policeman who is now living the life of a drifter, who is constantly finding himself in the middle of various difficulties. Unlike those mysteries of the week or a Murder She Wrote type of premise, these difficulties involve high stake murders, kidnappings, and other issues that involve suspenseful page turners. Child really writes these thrillers well.
Killing Floor, was the first of Child's books and the others that have followed have been just as good. When I started reading Child's books this winter it was a lot of fun. Now I'm in a bit of withdrawal. I've read all 14 of his books and the next one won't be out until October. It will also be hardcover. I generally make it a policy to wait for the soft cover book. I wonder if I'll be able to wait?

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