Sunday, 27 June 2010

New York City's Garment District

New York City's Garment District sits between Fifth and Ninth Avenue and 34th and 42nd St filling less than one square mile.

The Garment District is currently home to many well-known designers such as Oscar de la Renta, Calvin Klein, Donna Karan, Liz Claiborne and Nicole Miller.

Originally, the Garment District was the centre of the United States garment industry manufacturing clothes for slaves living on plantations, more cheaply than if they were to sew their own clothes, later it also began producing ready made clothing for sailors and western prospectors.

By the 1820s more and more citizens wanted ready made clothing and the garment district began filling that need. Later, by 1910, 70% of American women's and 40% of American men's clothing were being made in New York's garment district. Presently, the ability to provide cheaper labour and production overseas has reduced the Garment District's manufacturing amounts. Many of the Garment District buildings are now being sold for office buildings.

The entrance of the garment district has a kiosk with a large button and needle. There is also a sculpture of a man at a treadle sewing machine.

On my last day in New York I did some walking on my own and actually walked through most of the Garment District. I didn't do any shopping; I just looked around and took it all in. It's an intersting place to expore.

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