Friday, 25 June 2010

Thomas Perry

Another favourite suspense and mystery author I really like is Thomas Perry. He has written a series of five books and then a number of stand alone books. His series books are about a character named Jane Whitefield. Jane is a New York lawyer who finds herself helping people disappear. Her escape plans are elaborate and convincing.
Thomas Perry began his career with the novel The Butcher's Boy. This book does the unusual in creating a sympathetic character out of someone we would usually consider the 'bad guy,' an assassin. Some years later, Perry wrote a follow-up to this book, Metzger's Dog, which is also very good.
All of Perry's books are interesting and fun to read. I'm always caught up to his latest releases and waiting for his next publications. Good news Jane Whitefield fans. Perry, who believed that five books in a series were enough, because there were no more things to learn about writing within the scope of a series and about the created characters has changed his mind. It's been nine years since he has written his last Whitefield book, and he's decided it's time to revisit his character. It was released in January and I haven't had a chance to read it yet.I am definitely going to check that one out! 

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