Thursday, 24 June 2010

Washrooms, Bathrooms, Restrooms...and Tavelling in New York


A common denominator is the need to be able to use a washroom.

While washrooms in my home town aren't always at their cleanest and best shape, I am very used to having access to farily decent washrooms the majority of the time. On our recent trip to New York, we had some interesting experiences with washrooms.
The first day, my mom and I were in a café style restaurant. It was busy, and had quite a few tables. There was a single washroom with one stall.  The door locked poorly; the floor and counter were soaking wet; and the toilet was filthy. There was no where to put my backpack; they were out of paper towel; it was like being in an uncomfortable obstacle course.

On the night we went to A Little Night Music we had a light supper at DaMarino's first. The restaurant, mentioned in a previous post, was located in a basement.

When I excused myself from the table to go to the washroom I have to say I was in for a bit of a surprise. Yet, perhaps it shouldn't have been a surprise. When we'd entered the restaurant to the left of the entrance there'd been a small waterfall and rose petals. 
The washroom was, well interesting. It was filled with rose petals tiny water fountains, candles and statues. They sat on all sorts of levels. The pictures will never do it justice, but enjoy. Oh, and remember that this washroom would be about 12'x8' at most. I have another washroom to tell you about in another post.

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