Monday, 26 July 2010

Barcelona and Antoni Gaudi in Spain

Barcelona is a beautiful city. The people are interesting, the architecture is fantastic. Antoni Gaudi is one architect who created his own interesting beauty in the city. Gaudi's work is not to everyone's taste. I find his buildings and design fascinating. He was very inspired by nature; his architecture reflects the curves and shapes of the natural world, something unusual in a world of straight lines.

Gaudi Apartment
Gaudi is also known for his use of light in his design and structure.

He designed unique furniture with interesting shapes and curves.

Gaudi's most well-known building is the Sagrada Familia. This cathedral is still unfinished. When I travelled to Barcelona I learned that the cathedral was expected to be completed on 2026.

Construction on the Sagrada Familia began in 1882. Although Gaudi died in 1926. The Spanish Civil War in 1936 halted construction and World War II also caused some delays. In fact, when touring Barcelona our guide told us that for a time Gaudi's architectural plans were thought to be lost during WWII.

Later it was discovered they had been hidden in the walls of a building so that they would not be destroyed by the Nazis.The Sagrada Familia has an interesting exterior; there are towers with coloured stone sculpture representing the four seasons. The biblical sculptures that adorn the cathedral are modern and smooth.
Gaudi created part of his fame, when he was still alive. One of his most well-known projects was the renovation and redesign of Casa Batillo. This large home was given a new exterior and interior to reflect Gaudi's style and vision.
Casa Batllo

Casa Batllo


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