Sunday, 4 July 2010

Chocolate in New York

I am a lover of chocolate. I found it in a few places in New York.

There was the M&M store. It had lots of music and flash, jewelry made out of their packaging and of course, chocolate.
The Hershey's store was fun, with shirts, cups and more chocolates. We spent the most time there, getting a bucket filled with Hershey kisses, a specially wrapped chocolate bar for dad, and sister R pretended to down a huge bottle of chocolate syrup.

I also found an amazing chocolate store just on Rockefeller Plaza one morning when I was out by myself: La Maison Du Chocolat.

Almost all of the chocolate I brought home was eaten by my husband within the week. I did eat some, too, but I should have hidden some, because I think he thought it was all for him!

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