Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Creating a Thank You Culture

What if leaders began really thinking about the way they engaged their employees? What if they began to recognize that they didn't need to do this in dramatic and big ways?

So many employees just want some simple acknowledgment that they are actually THERE!

In the busy days of work, there are still many bosses who rarely say good morning, believe saying thank you is the weekly pay cheque, and if they have a large staff they are excused from knowing people's names.

Employees aren't alway looking for bonuses and promotions. They are looking for the simple courtesies that give them a sense of validity and dignity. 

Creating a thank you culture in your work place goes a long way to begin this process, even when you know all of your employees' names. It is something that happens at all levels within the work environment; peer to peer, boss to employee, and employee to boss.

Check this link for some more insight on this topic:

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