Friday, 16 July 2010

Feeling Grumpy is Good for You....Who Knew???

I was recently sent an article from BBC News; the headline: "Feeling Grumpy is Good for You." The general idea of the article is that when we are in a grumpy mood we may actually think more clearly. Professor Joe Forgas, an Australian Psychology expert has done much research in this area.
Quoted in the article, Professor Forgas said: "Whereas positive mood seems to promote creativity, flexibility, co-operation and reliance on mental shortcuts, negative moods trigger more attentive, careful thinking, paying greater attention to the external world."
The article goes on to say that grumpiness can even help you to communicate better, make you less gullible and help you make better decisions.
I wonder if I could manage to benefit from those things? If I'm grumpy I think I'm more cynical, so that outweighs the gullibility. However, I don't know that I'm a better communicator. I'll have to think about that. 
It's an interesting premise in this world where we are constantly striving for positive thinking and attitudes.

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