Thursday, 8 July 2010

Metropolitan Museum: the Cloisters in New York

I didn't visit the Metropolitan Museum when in New York, but I did visit an external part, the Cloisters, which is found at the north end of the city in Tyron park. I also wrote about it in a previous post

I have more pictures from our visit there that I thought that I'd put into another post. The Cloisters has more than one garden; a courtyard garden and then the medieval garden that mostly has medicinal plants and herbs. The garden has a number of small fences that have been crafted from branches, which hold up plants.
The Cloisters is known for its Unicorn Tapestries and its medieval garden. There are tombs in the Cloisters, a chapel, various artifacts, and statues. It is not a large building, but it holds many treasures.
We also had to get a picture of my youngest sister, R, who is 5'9" showing just how small the doorways were!


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