Monday, 26 July 2010

Mimes in Barcelona and Madrid Spain

In my brief travels in the larger cities of Spain, specifically Barcelona and Madrid, I've seen a number of mimes. These mimes aren't the type I grew up hearing about. The ones I learned about were the French type that primarily have black and white costumes, gloves, and faces.

In Barcelona, and Madrid the mimes are dressed like the Statue of Liberty, or other types of characters. They are often in body make-up that matches the fabric of their costumes. The colours of the mimes are often metallic, a gold or bronze hue. They stand or sit still like statues and generally they have a hat or some other container that you can put money in; once you do the mime will move.

The guy above was in Barcelona, I didn't put money in his pot, because I was worried about what he might do! He did look pretty funny, though!
The mimes really manage to stand up to the heat of the day. Their make up always looks very fresh. 
In Barcelona we found most mimes along Las Ramblas; Madrid's mimes were mostly in Plaza Mayor. We saw the angel in Madrid and the cowboy in Barcelona.

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