Wednesday, 4 August 2010

LEGO Fun and Unique Creations

One of my favourite toys is LEGO. To me it is the ultimate toy; as an adult it still fascinates and intriques me. I don't really get the opportunity to play with LEGO now that the kids are grown, but I still love to play with it.

At Christmas I have often purchased a small LEGO toy for everyone, like a small car. In the past I have been able to find those small packages for under $5.00, which were perfect for the small gift.
I like the idea of a toy at Christmas. It gets people playing and talking. I remember a particular year when I was able to purchase small race cars. Small kids showed great uncles how to build their cars. Everyone had a lot of fun just building them. Once everyone had theirs built the cars could be motorized by pulling them backwards and then letting them go. we had a number of races in the living room and down the hallway.
The price on the little racers has increased over the years, and I don't know if they have the pull back motors like the ones I got a few years ago; but the racer pictured at the top is a lot like the ones I bought.

A few years ago I heard about a guy who had accepted a job in a large organization and as a condition of his signing on, he requested a desk built out of LEGO. I used to wonder if that was an urban legend.

Today I found the site of a fellow who built a desk out of LEGO a few years ago, for just such a situation. The desk has 7 working drawers and a flat white top. I'd always thought the story I'd heard was an urband legend. Maybe it wasn't, judging by the story on his site and the picture. Sounds a lot like what I heard!

The LEGO builder was Eric Harshbarger. He doesn't build as many large pieces anymore, but he has some nice pictures on his site. Currently he seemst to do a lot of building of games, which are also quite interesting. The pictures above the desk are all creations of Eric Harshbarger's. 

Another LEGO builder I've found is Nathan Sawaya. He seems to have many art shows to display his work. His site is here. The pictures that follow below the LEGO desk are all creations by Nathan Sawaya. His creations are also intriguing and interesting. Nathan Sawaya has now had a number of shows to highlight his work.
Both different types of builders, both interesting and unique. These guys use a LOT of LEGO and a LOT of glue!

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