Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Versatile Blogger Award!

Still new to blogging, I was surprised to receive a blogger award on Sunday. This award came from a new blogger in Australia. The Greatest Challenge is her blog, and she received the award the other day.

The award comes with the following guidelines:
1. Thank the person who gave you the award.

2. Share seven things about yourself.

3. Nominate fifteen newly discovered blogs.
4. Let your nominees know about the award.

So, thanks to Liana and good luck to her on THE GREATEST CHALLENGE!

  1. One thing about me is that I am extremely claustrophobic. This translates to including being extremely uncomfortable in pitch dark because there is no light for a reference point; therefore it's high anxiety time for me.
  2. My grandpa called me Curly and my dad called me Charlie Brown when I was little, I had one other nickname when I was in elementary school, but that was a dumb one a boy called me.
  3. The dumb nickname was Goose, because my last name was Heron. The boy was in grade 5 and decided a heron and a goose were both birds so the name was good enough. He called me gosling when he wanted to borrow a pencil. His love was not returned. :-)
  4. I've always wanted to write a book and I still do. I have no idea what I want it to be about, if it should be fiction or non-fiction, or anything. I just love to write and want to write a book. I started blogging for a night class; I've continued blogging so that I could have fun writing.
  5. I love to create with colour; paint, thread, fabric, and other mediums. I haven't created the right thing, yet. Some things have turned out with thread and fabric, some paint and fabric have worked out ok. But, I still haven't made what I want. My hands don't create what my imagination sees; one day, just maybe, they'll connect?
  6. One of my all time favourite days is actually a winter day with a temperature of -15 or - 20 degrees Celcius, lots of snow on the ground, sun in the sky, and no wind. I would spend the day outside. I'd walk, snowshoe, and even sit in the sun on a lawn chair all bundled up and read a book. Later I'd snuggle on a chair inside, in the sunshine and keep on reading my book.
  7. One of my very best friends is my grade one teacher. She is 80 something...we don't count. She and I live in different cities so we talk on the phone every two or three months. I try to go to visit her three or four times a year. She is an unbelievable person with an incredible heart. She is pretty incredible.
As for award giving, I have found a few new ones that I went looking for, just for this purpose, that I'll share, and a couple of ones I've been following for a short while. (I've got 10 so far) There are a few that already had this award, or I would have given them one, too!

I will be sure to mention any other great blogs I find in future posts.

*and the Versatile Blogger Award goes to.....    Drum roll please*

  1. Louise at Life is Good
  2. Anna at Rummey Bears
  3. Crafty Gardener
  4. Cooking in Someone Else's Kitchen
  5. Victoria of Victoria's Backyard
  6. Phaedra Alwell of Everyday Simplicity
  7. C. Beth at The One-Minute Writer
  8. Jaime at Embracing Balance
  9. Cowgirl Warrior at WW for Life
  10. Jams at Running My Mouth
Thank you, for giving me a great start to the new week. It feels great to be recognize by your fellow bloggers. THANKS LIANA!

To all who get this award from me, I've seen a few who just post their award and say thanks....However, it has been a lot of fun finding new blogs!


  1. Hi Lisa and thanks so much for handing on this award to 'Cooking in Someone Else's Kitchen'. What a nice surprise to start my day!

    Good luck with getting a bit of balance into your life. And I hope you get that book written! It took me 24 years to get mine finished, so I know exactly how you feel about that...

  2. Thanks Lisa for acknowledging my blog!