Monday, 9 August 2010

Breakthrough with Anthony Robbins

I've never read a book by Anthony Robbins, I've never watched him speak, nor do I know much about him. I understand he is a terrific speaker and coach who has written many books. I have also read that some people think he is not really authentic. Other reviews say he is an aquired taste.

I'm not sure what I think of him, yet. What I do know is that he has a new TV show on NBC that I find fascinating. 

His new show on is called Breakthrough. In each episode he works with people to help them overcome difficulties. The first show I caught featured a husband and wife that experienced a huge tragedy on their wedding day. He dove into a pool and broke his neck and since then he has been in a wheelchair. They love each other and their lives are good, but the tragedy has changed the 'way' they are married. The new bride became care taker, the new groom became dependent upon his new wife. In a matter of minutes the promise they had begun their lives together with, vanished.

Sometimes in any show where a family has experienced a tragedy money is given; people's lives are 'changed' through the payment of their vast medical bills, scholarships for their children's future education, mortgage payments, etc. Whether the show is Oprah, Extreme Home Makeover, Ellen, or some other show like that, people's lives are 'fixed' or made better with these gifts.

Now, I'm not saying that I wouldn't appreciate getting our bills paid, a special holiday, a new car, etc. Nor do I begrudge their good fortune. I've been known to shed a tear in response to such events. I find it very touching and frankly nice to see people's lives made better.

What was interesting, when I saw this show was the new perspective. This is a show about people finding their answers from inside. No one is really getting a special prize to 'fix' their lives. In the show, Anthony Robbins puts the people through a series of activities that builds their new perspectives.

Obviously most of do this every day, without the aid of a tv show. I'm a bit sappy and love a real story about success, so I enjoyed the show. As one of my relatives has said, "there are a number of us in the family whose bladders are close to their tear ducts." We leak REALLY easily.

A couple of the things that stood out for me while watching the show. One is that I liked the comment he made numerous times on the show: "We are more than what happens to us."

I also like the challenges he gives people when they are willing to make a change:

Step 1: Change your environment
Step 2: Confront your real issues
Step 3: Expand your limits
Step 4: Change your perspective
Step 5: Own the lesson
Step 6: Design a compelling future
Step 7: Own your breakthrough

The attached video is a preview of the first show.

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