Monday, 6 September 2010

Cooking Shows

I've fallen victim to the cooking show. I am seriously addicted to them.

The problem is that they make me hungry. It can be the evening, and I've eaten a great supper, but I watch these shows and want to eat. I want to cook, but more importantly, I want to eat.

I watch the onions, garlic and mushrooms sautéeing and I begin to salivate. Chocolate makes my stomach begin to rumble and pastries make me run to the kitchen to rummage through the fridge.

Image from The Age
Then there are the cooking challenge shows. The new one this summer is Masterchef. They've taken a group of people who love to cook and allowed them to try out to be America's Masterchef. The winner gets a cookbook deal. The first show featured 50 amateur cooks who prepared their signature dishes for chef Gordon Ramsay, restauranteur Joe Bastianich and chef Graham Elliott. Gordon Ramsay is actually a bit nicer than he sometimes is in his other shows. A kinder, gentler Ramsay is interesting.

This version of the show apparently follows after the successes of this same show in Britain and Australia, and even France, the Middle East, Germany and Sweden. It's a reality show of a different flavour, and I enjoy it.

Each week the cooks are challenged to prepare various dishes in timed tests. When they cook their dish, they have to present it to all three judges for tasting. Often, winners of the various challenges get to choose the main ingredient for the next challenge. One week they had to make an Asian inspired dish featuring mandarin oranges. At least 4 of the contestants had never cooked anything Asian. It was quite the interesting process as they pulled together thier dishes.

By the end of the show I'm starving, especially this last week when they also had a cupcake challenge. And yet, I can't stop watching these shows. They're so interesting.

I also like learning the techniques and getting new cooking ideas. I'd lost that fun aspect of cooking, until recently. Now I'm planning what I want to cook with actual interest. I just need to consider using a recipe. I often watch the show, get an idea and go into the kitchen to try out my newest invention. Most of the time it turns out ok, but every once in awhile there's a dish that bombs. I certainly wouldn't win Masterchef, but it's still fun being the masterchef in my kitchen.

Now if I could only get as excited and motivated by an exercise show....

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