Friday, 20 August 2010

The Streets of Madrid, Spain

When I travelled to Madrid I spent a great deal of time walking in the city. It's amazing to visit a large city, such as Madrid, and to just simply explore. It's fun to listen to the other languages, mostly Spanish, as they float along the wind while people walk by.

It's so much different than walking down the city streets of my home town. My city is beautiful in its own right, but it is so much smaller and so very much younger.

In Madrid the buildings have centuries of history. They are artistic and colourful.

Almost every day I would wind up walking into the centre of the city. 

In the centre of Madrid lies Puerta del Sol, the "door of the sun." It is located just a short walk from the Plaza Mayor. It was originally the site of one of the city's gates, which faced the east. The name comes from the gates which had an image of the sun on them. 

Near it is kil√≥metro cero. "Kilometre zero" is a plaque on the ground directly north of the Post Office serving as the symbolic centre of Spain. It is also the base of the numbering system of the country's roads. The plaque that marks this point was turned around 180 degrees in 2002, because the map of Spain depicted on it was upside-down in relation to reality.

These are some of the pictures I took when in Madrid.

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