Monday, 20 September 2010

Accident Aftermath

In a previous post I wrote about my recent accident. Now that the insurance companies have done all of their stuff, it's time to repair the car.

Most of us have an innate distrust of car repair companies, car salesmen, anything car. This is probably because most of us don't know much about our cars and how to determine who we can trust. It's also likely that this feeling is amplified by the fact that we generally share the bad stories about our experiences. Therefore, we have all heard horror stories about various issues people have faced when buying or repairing a car, and we have rarely heard the good stories. 

When I had my accident, I had to have my car towed. I also quickly realized that I'd need to leave my car in B.C. to be repaired. I wouldn't be able to use a local company that could come recommended by someone I knew.

This is what I do know, however. The autobody shop was actually closed on that Saturday. The owner had come in for a short time to complete some work. He went out of his way to come and pick up the car. Then, he offerred me a courtesy car. While I waited for my aunt to come and pick me up from the shop, he let me make numerous phone calls, some long distance as I sorted out my insurance and determined what sort of a rental car I could get to take us back to Saskatchewan.

Since the car has been there, I've had frequent contact initiated by the autobody shop. I have never had to wonder where we were in the process and what would be coming next. I even received pictures of my car up in the hoist getting ready to be worked on. Now that we are approaching the final stages of the repair, we need to determine how I will get my car. Oliver, B.C. doesn't have a car rental agency and I need to fly into the Kelowna airport. The owner has even offered to drive into Kelowna and pick me up from the airport.

I am pleased I've put my trust in Mike's Autobody in Oliver, B.C. Mike, the owner, has the great competencies and results that make him credible along with the intent and integrity of character all those things that inspire trust. I am looking forward to receiving quality repair on my car. I guess if I don't, I've been gullible, but I believe I really lucked out. If I had to have an accident on my holiday, it is good that it happened there.

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