Sunday, 5 September 2010

Drumheller, Alberta

The second stop on my trip to Kelowna, B.C. was Drumheller, Alberta for lunch.

Drumheller is situated in the middle of the Alberta Badlands. The scenery is unusual and interesting. Travelling out of some interesting hills and valleys in Saskatchewan and into Alberta, the badlands provide interesting terrain with the layered rock that tells the story of their history.

In the badlands near Drumheller, there are a few hoodoos. Hoodoos take millions of years to form and stand 5 to 7 metres tall. Each hoodoo is a sandstone pillar resting on a thick base of shale that is capped by a large stone. Hoodoos are very fragile and can erode completely if their capstone is dislodged (in other words, no climbing allowed). The name "Hoodoo" comes from the word "voodoo." They were named by the European settlers. The Blackfoot and Cree nations' lore told stories of the Hoodoos being petrified giants who come alive at night to hurl rocks at intruders.

Along with the badlands, the town of Drumheller is also an interesting place to see. There are some nice little shops and restaurants to visit.

You can also spend an entire day at the Royal Tyrrell Museum. In Dinosaur Hall there are 40 mounted dinosaur skeletons and thousands of fossils. One of the dinosaur skeletons is a tyrannosaurus rex. There are many other interesting exhibits within the museum. It was a favourite destination for our children when they were younger. You can also go into the World's Largest Dinosaur which is four times the size of a tyrannosaurus rex. Constructed almost entirely out of steel, it is 86 feet tall and is 151 feet long.

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