Monday, 27 September 2010

New Job

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It's off to work we go....
Starting a new job is always interesting.

It's sort of like starting at a new school. You ask yourself...will I fit in? Will they like me? Will I do a good job? Will they be glad they hired me?

Once you get past your sudden trip back into 7th grade obsession with being liked and step back into adulthood it's really ok. You remember that you are a grown up with adult children and a husband who loves you. You have friends and people liked you at your last job. You were great at your last job, so it is likely that you will do well in your next one.

The next step is learning the new day at a time! The learning curve has begun. Adapting to the new role is going to be an interesting ride.


  1. Really busy, but very good. Lots of meetings, so not much unpacking. Great people and interesting work. Thanks