Tuesday, 21 September 2010

The Walk, Richard Paul Evans

I recently listened to The Walk, as an audio book while travelling.

The Walk is the story of a man, Alan Christofferson, whose wife becomes very ill and in the process of caring for her he loses his home and his business, and her. With nothing to live for, Alan chooses life, but without any direction he decides to go for a walk. His walk isn't a few blocks, instead he sets out to walk across the United States.

When I told someone about the book, his walk across the country made them think of Forrest Gump. While both men set out on their journies after they lose the woman they love, it is still a very different story.

The book tells the story of is the main character's struggle to find himself after he has suffered such incredible losses. His journey leads him to discover many interesting people and in his quest to understand himself, he learns a lot about himself. The story has somewhat of a spiritual flair, but it doesn't get moralistic. For that I was grateful.

In some ways, this book is like a 'self-help' book, that does teach a lesson, however. It didn't inspire me to examine my life or to change my way of thinking. It was, however, interesting enough to keep me entertained and awake during a long drive...across my province.

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