Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Miracles and Restoring our Faith in Humanity

The story of the Chilean miners and their rescue, with its happy ending has been fascinating. That 33 men could be trapped more than 700 meters below the earth's surface for 69 days, is absoultely frightening. That they were thought dead for the first 17 or so days is astounding.

They say on the news that safety rules need to be enforced and maintained. Will this event create better awareness and safe procedures?

I actually don't watch the news that often. I get tired of hearing bad news and stories of people who treat each other inhumanely. I knew the story of the miners, but I didn't follow it as closely as most people probably did.

Yesterday and today, as they brought the miners up the newly drilled shaft, I watched with admiration as the men stepped out of the rescue capsule. Watching the families wait with anxious anticipation for their loved ones to ascend from the depths has been so wonderful.

I remember watching the first man come up and one of his sons standing at the site, the boy's face showing such emotions as he waited to catch a glimpse of his father. Then his father emerged and hugs were exchanged and the love and relief were in their eyes. Each subsequent family showed the same concern, anticipation, love and emotion.

If only so many possible tragedies had such happy endings.

The next happy ending will happen if they learn from this experience and work toward safer conditions in the Chilean mines. These miners only earn $1.00/hour.

And other happy endings....

that people will rally around countries that have other disasters, such as the floods in Pakistan and the earthquakes in Haiti, and that those who provide support will stay involved during the long days and nights of relief work.

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