Wednesday, 13 October 2010

The Vinyl Cafe books, Stuart McLean

Stuart McLean has a weekly show, The Vinyl Cafe, on CBC radio. The show features Canadian music, some letters from viewers, and a story.

McLean mixes great stories with his incredible storytelling abilities. His stories usually feature Dave and his wife, Morley and the various adventures of their lives.

Dave owns a record store and he and Morley have two children: Sam and Stephanie.  Dave often fumbles his way through life and his own personal adventures/confusion create some pretty funny stories. I found a decent one on YouTube that you might enjoy.

There's also a story about Morley and the year Sam started hockey. As a mother, I found this story absolutely hillarious. Although the stories about Dave are traditionally the best, I needed to include this one, too.

I've attached both of the stories, below:

The Blood Pressure Chair:

The Jock Strap:

Maybe only a mom with a son can truly appreciate the Jock Strap story? I hope that even without a son you found some fun and humour in this one!

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