Friday, 7 January 2011

Cash for Gold

What is it with all of the recent commercials that have annoying men talking too loudly and over emphatically as they try to convince viewers to put their gold in an envelope and mail it to them...with the promise of cash being sent to the seller?? I absolutely hate those commercials. They are brash and annoying and make you want to change the channel immediately!

Do people really put their gold in an envelope and send it to people they've never met? What kind of money do they get for their gold? How do they know that they got the right value?
I also have other questions...maybe it's because I don't have any jewelry that's been passed down to me, and the fact that I don't actually own all that much...but what are they sending? Family heirlooms? Rings and necklaces from boyfriends and husbands past?
Now I'm not saying that people shouldn't be able to sell the jewelry they no lo
nger wear. Nor am I dismissing the need for money, but I do have trouble understanding the blatant capitalization of people's need through these garish commercials.

Do people really get an appropriate amount of money for their jewelry? or, is their need for instant cash something that makes them someone easily taken advantage of? I really hope that people in need, who actually have some jewellry around, aren't getting ripped off.

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  1. You are absolutely right. There are a lot fraudulent schemes that seems to be spreading in the cash for silver, gold, platinum, etc. system. All you can do is to do a lot research about the background of the buyer.