Monday, 3 January 2011

Keeping Active in Winter

Belly bulge...muffin top...pudge...spare handles...

Whatever you call the weight, winter seems to bring it on even more than usual. Maybe that's why so many people make weight loss a part of their New Year's resolutions?

I actually find it easier to stay active in the winter...once I get past the fewer daylight hours. I find it far more fun to get out and do things in cooler weather, than in the heat of the summer.
Just before Christmas I treated myself to some snowshoes.

Snowshoes are made for walking on snow, distributing the weight of the person over a larger area, so that you don't sink completely into the snow.

Traditional snowshoes are made from hardwood and rawhide lacings. There is laticework on them, to keep the snow from accumulating and have bindings to attach to your boots. Traditionally, snowshoes were an essential footwear for fur traders and trappers and many others who spent their days working in and traversing across the snow. While there are many people in various regions who still rely on snowshoes to help them complete their daily tasks, most people who wear snowshoes these days do so as a way to get some exercise. Snowshoeing is easy to do and learn. Once they are strapped on it's as easy as walking.

My snowshoes are a modern version. They are purple, with aluminum rims and a fabric mesh. My husband says that they aren't as good as the traditional ones, but I have to say that I am enjoying them. And so is my dog!

We've been out to the deeper parts of the park and fields where she jumps through the snowdrifts like a rabbit. I get out in the sun and have a great workout. There's nothing like a crisp cold day with the sun bouncing off of the snow.
I'm off to make some tracks with my dog!

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