Monday, 17 January 2011

More Steps?

Last post I wrote about adding steps to my day.

Recently I've begun walking the flights of stairs in my building. The first day I walked up to the second floor of my building with a colleague. We huffed and puffed along the way and then walked up one more flight. A few days later I added another flight of stairs. My goal is to continue adding another flight every few days. As well, I've begun walking the flights in the morning and the afternoon.

I figure I'm doing some great weight body mass is larger than it should be. If I'm "lucky" and my weight begins to decrease, I'll still be adding more flights to keep getting in my steps. My building has 15 floors. I wonder how long it will take for me to get to that height on a daily basis?

I've also invested in a Nintendo personal trainer to use on a Nintendo DS (We already had one, which I used once in awhile to exercise my brain with sudoku and "Brain Age") The cost for the trainer wasn't too bad, since I already owned the DS.

Anyway, this little personal trainer is pretty interesting. It clips on to your waist band like a regular pedometer. What it does that other pedometers don't do is provides me with an overview of my daily activities. For instance, when I connect it to the Nintendo DS I get a graph that shows how many steps I was taking at different parts of my day. It allows me to note where I am sitting too long and also compare from day to day.

The product also comes with two pedometers so that other members of your family or even a pet's steps can be measured. You can keep up to 4 people's activity records on the system. While I don't need to keep the record for long, I do find the ability to see these graphs and my activity on a daily basis, as well as compare it quite an incentive to do more. The tangible quality actually motivates me. The interacitve piece may not be for everyone...some people are turned off by a computer telling them they've done a good job. For me, however, it is easy to 'step' past that and make some new decisions to keep improving.

It also allows you to set daily targets for steps. When I first started using it, I was able to set the target of 3, at least hit the bare minimum. Gradually I have increased my target and am hitting it more regularly.

What I'm noticing is that I really remember to get up from my desk more often to take a quick stroll. I'm drinking more water and while I am walking more often, I am actually more productive. It took a while to bring my steps up from the barely 3,000 I started at, but I am well on my way to 10,000 or more a day.

If I continue on this, I may just lose some weight!

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