Tuesday, 22 February 2011

How Many Steps So Far?

I'm still wearing my pedometer, every day. Some days I wonder if I am going to manage getting to my daily goal of 10,000 steps. Most days, however, I feel pretty good about it and feel like it's not such a big challenge.

Since I've started counting my steps (see my first post on it)  I make a lot of conscious choices to get in more steps. I often park farther away from the grocery store, get off my rear end during comercials, when I watch tv, and climb the stairs, walk around, or even dance on the spot.

The harder days are when I have been on my feet all day, facilitating, and concentrating on getting in lots of steps and I still don't manage to hit 5,000. It's crazy. The time I need to spend walking is far more than I am used to....at least if I want to get to a consistent 10,000 per day as my minimum.

I've been telling lots of people about my quest for more steps, and it is quite interesting to hear their responses. Many people realize that they are rarely hitting about 3,000 steps in their day.

I'm still enjoying my Nintendo pedometer, too. I like the feedback that I receive...for instance it tells me when I wasn't active, and on the other hand, when I was most active. It also tells me at what time I've hit my target. I don't get the feedback until the end of the day, but I could check it sooner if I really wanted to.  I'm also able to find out how many steps I've taken since I started recording on Jan. 4th.

I'm also hoping to find a counter to put on my blog, to keep track of how many steps I'm walking...maybe I can set a goal to wald a certain distance....?

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