Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Books, Books and more Books!

A few weeks ago I posted  some pictures of my first book.

While I haven't come up with the words that I want to put into my books, I've been having some fun trying different techniques with the paint and textures.

I've got some pictures of more of my books....some are better than others. 

A look at the inside pages

This book has a garden, sunshine theme. This is the front cover that I painted

This is my snowflake book. I put a few small pictures of our trip to the northern cabin inside.

This is a piercing cradle that my husband built for me.
It allows you to keep your signatures and folios (Pages) steady.

The piercing cradle with a page waiting for me to put the holes in for sewing the pages together.
A sewn together book waiting for the next steps....glue and a cover
My starry night book...sewn together, painted, ready for some words and a cover.

I have lots of other ideas and am having fun trying them.

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