Thursday, 24 March 2011

What pen do you use?

I am a pen snob.
I only like to use specific pens....and will do just about anything to ensure that I don't have to use what I consider to be a substandard pen. That means that I often have at least two pens in my purse, another two in my briefcase, some by the bed, some at my get the picture. I also hide my pens. My good pens aren't for just anyone to pick up when they need one, I have some of those ones that I don't like for that!

The pens I like are extra fine. The finer the better. They have black ink and don't make blobs.

I like the sound of the fine point of the pen scratching across the crisp white paper.
A fountain pen would probably give me the ultimate point, but whenever I try one I usually get ink on my fingers. 
My current favourite is made by Pilot. It isn't the finest point I've ever used, but it has the nicest writing point.
What kind of pen do you use?


  1. I also like pens. I have collected some pens over the years.

  2. I love fine black roller ball pens and I like the pen to have some weight to it. I like pens so much, that when I lose a pen I like, I am sad. Sick, but true.