Saturday, 2 April 2011

Book Covers

Homemade book with flap bindings
Last weekend I spent some time with a friend learning more about book binding. The results of my weekend included three new books on which I experimented with new bindings.

One book uses a type of tab to connect the sewn signatures to the cover. This book also has a wrap around cover, which I always love. I made two books using the same cover materials. They are pictured here.

The spine of the book

Another tab book using the same materials

Another book I am experimenting with is one that has the signatures sewn right into the cover. It took awhile to figure out the wasn't difficult to sew, I just hadn't made one before. I do like the bead details on the spine. This book also makes use of some deer hide. It was a bit tough to sew through, but my trusty awl helped me out! Mo

This book still needs some work, but it's been great fun creating it!.
More books to come!

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