Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Blue Herons

I was going through my pictures the other day and found these. The first is some cross stitching I did for my mom a few years ago. I used a dyed fabric and some specialty threads, which made it more interesting.

The second is essentially a thread drawing. With Heron as our family name, we often had pictures of herons in our home when I was growing up.

I made this one especially for my mom a few years ago, as well.

I'm proud of these, most especially the thread drawing, since I'm not all that artistic. The cross stitch was simply following the pattern and exchanging some special thread and fabric for the ones listed.

The thread drawing involved a lot of pre-work, lots of sketching and then graphing my final product. I used a picture I'd found to help guide me. So, although it was free-hand, it wasn't right out of my head. The fabric is a painted linen, the thread is silk.

Both pictures hang in my parents' home.


  1. Awesome stitching work. Really amazing.

  2. Your work is so beautiful! You have captured the blue herons so very well in two completely different needlework styles! Although it is not my name :-) I am a very definite heron lover. Your fabric color couldn't be more perfect, and the thread painting is so impressive! Do you happen to remember the course for your cross-stitch version, the name or designer or if it is still available? I am guessing that the shading on the feathers one of the areas were you made some of your own additions, right? Thank you for sharing your lovely, lovely work, even if I am almost 2 years last in finding your post! Nancy S.

    1. Sorry for the late reply, I no longer have the pattern for the cross stitch so I don't know the designer at all
      The changes I made were to the threads I used verigrated threads for extra dimension. The pattern did have thread colour changes to create the shades, I just used the verigrated threads there.
      Thank you for your lovely comment!