Monday, 18 July 2011

It's HOT outside!

It seems to me that most of us spend our winters complaining about the cold and the minute it gets hot for more than a couple of days, we begin to complain about the heat!
Now, I am actually a cold weather girl. Which is good, considering where I live. However, these last few days are one I am appreciating. It may be too hot for my sun sensitive skin, limiting my time outside, but the ground is drying up, the mosquitoes are too drowsy to fly, and the farmers who were able to get their crops in are seeing great progress.

I'm not used to the humidity we've had, which is another reason I'm really enjoying the heat.

So, this hot spell won't be leaving a sunburn on my skin, since I won't be out there a lot, but there's nothing like hot lazy days to let you know summer is REALLY here!

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