Sunday, 4 September 2011


Last week I visited the Vancouver Aquarium.

It was a fascinating visit, from funny fish to the life span of the jellyfish, I sure learned a lot.

One thing I have always wanted to do is swim with dolphins. Obviously you can't swim with them at the aquarium, but there was something heart stopping about seeing them in person.

My first response was an absolute ache in my heart, to think that they lived in captivity. Later, we caught the dolphin show. I began watching with some very mixed emotions. Part of me was excited, the other felt like I was about to witness a car look, but with dread.

Fortunately, very quickly into the show they explained that the 4 dolphins had been rescued and had been deemed unreleasable. My relief was palpable, and I began to enjoy an amazing show of intelligence and athleticism.

Congratulations to the aquarium for creating a healthy, clean and safe space for their inhabitants.

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