Wednesday, 30 November 2011

A Little Crazy, But Lots of Fun

I decided to try to make a book I have a pattern for. I substituted my painted and other papers for the ones suggested, and created something different. But I'm really pleased with it. I just need to be a better photographer, because the pictures don't give the full effect! The ribbons and threads on the spine truly make it a one of a kind. 

The pages inside this book are different weights and textures. One of the pages in each of then12 signatures (groups of folded paper) has a little envelope attached. This book would be fun to use as a travel journal, or photo album. You can add lots of writing and pictures and it would definitely be a one of a kind. I've already had two people say they would buy it. I'm reluctant to sell it, because it was fun to make and is so unique. Maybe if I make two or three more I'll be willing to sell one?

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