Thursday, 29 November 2012

Patience is a Virtue....

In The Mummy (first one), Rachel Weisz' character, while trying to decipher some ancient Egyptian is prodded along by her brother. Amidst the chaos of his "hurry up" chatter, she says "Patience is a Virtue" in her British accent and a sing-song voice.

Now perhaps I should be quoting the bible rather than Rachel Weisz, but whenever I am frustrated and start to tell myself to relax, breathe, and have patience, her sing-song voice comes into my head...and it makes me smile.

Today I have been so frustrated, her sing-song voice has been in my head ALL DAY! Luckily I am not sick of it yet....because I've certainly needed that constant reminder.

Patience and I have had a very troubled relationship over the years. Some days, weeks, months, I am just fine and we get along swimmingly. Other times....well not so much. Those are the times when I contemplate physical violence with cartoon ferocity and then I suck in my breath and look for that good old inner strength to sustain me through the moments.

Neuroscience will tell you that when you are stressed blood flow to the frontal cortex is limited...and the frontal cortex is responsible for those reasonable and rational thoughts that we can all be capable of. As the blood is restricted we rely on our mammalian brain....that part nearer the brain stem that tells us to freeze, fight or flee. Apparently I am in the fighting mode!!

Thank goodness there is still some blood flow at the front of my brain or all hell would break lose!!

Just writing about this has brought my blood pressure down and my face out of its grimace... Patience also looks much prettier.

What do you do to stay patient?

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